Please indicate what type of appointment you are booking.

Assignment Feedback

If you have completed your assignment in draft form at least 48 hours before the due date, and it is published and available for me to view on your website, I will send you an email or video recording with my feedback so that you can maximize your success of this assignment.

You do not need to attend this appointment; scheduling the time, gives me the reminder to complete this feedback session for you as it carves out the time on my calendar to get it done.

(20 minutes)

Special Projects

If you are participating in a case or pitch competition, please select this option

Your future starts now. How you visualize and prepare for success in your career or entrepreneurial endeavors is the best indication of you achieving those goals. In this meeting, it is likely that we will spend some time creating a networking strategy or preparing you for an interview as a part of your career and/or business planning efforts.

(20 minutes)

Recommendation Letter Request

Your booking for a recommendation letter should be the date and time that you need to have the letter COMPLETED.

Please be advised that it is my policy to have students draft their own letters and email them to me as a condition of your request- it’s a filtering process ;-). You should also be aware that my personal policy prevents me from writing more than one letter to the same organization. I typically will honor the first request that I received but I base my decision to honor your request on the following:

  • Our prior relationship
  • Your engagement and academic performance as a student
  • Your merit and character (because, once accepted, you become a reflection of me)

Please email me a copy of your resume and unofficial transcript when you email the draft of your recommendation letter.

This does not guarantee that I will complete the recommendation for you (just like applying for a job does not guarantee that you will be offered the position); this is how I conduct my due diligence.

Please also give me TWO WEEKS advance notice, that means provide me with all the information required no less than two weeks before it is due.

You will be notified via email if I am able to complete your letter.

Thank you,

Prof White

Required Appointment

As my courses are formatted as either hybrid or distance-learning courses, each semester we will transition to a student-centered one-on-one learning environment. These regular appointments will be required for all currently enrolled students to ensure that you are tracking successfully toward our learning goals and outcomes.

Your appointment will be held via conference call or online meeting.

(20 minutes)

Technology Troubleshooting

Select this option you are experiencing difficulty accessing, creating or posting any material for your assignments. In the Agenda/Questions section, please tell me what trouble you are having. In many cases, for this type of appointment, you will want to have access to a computer and Wi-fi so that we walk through the difficulties you are having together.

(20 minutes)

Time and Productivity Management

As a college student, I know that you there are several demands on your schedule between academics, athletics, work, family and social obligations. You have to be mindful of how and where you are spending your time and make sure that WHO you are spending your time with will aid you in accomplishing your vision for success.

During this meeting, we will talk about your current obligations and based on your goals, I will share some resources that I think will help you manage your time better.

(20 minutes)